(ATLANTIC CITY,NJ) A New Jersey resident has designed a food safety website, warning food manufactures to take stronger measures in packaging foods being sold in major food retailers.

In short , the food-safety website highlights simple “pitfalls” consumers can avoid. It also guide consumers on what to look for when shopping for “contained foods,” such as salad dressing, mayonnaise, and other vulnerable products. The site also points out to food manufacturers weaknesses and hazards in food packaging.

Website manager, Shon Berry,48, designed SafetyPage.net, after noticing “very suspicious, and organized activity with a hidden camera,” in a group of supermarkets.

“It surprises me that a lot of these food manufacturers are still using outdated means of securing foods. Especially in this day and age of sophisticated threats. and organized opportunist.”

“Foods such as salad dressings, Barbeque Sauce, Mayonnaise, and (as he shows in a recent video) can be tampered with, by unscrupulous opportunist.”

Mr. Berry says he plans to “discuss with companies, ways to better secure and improve packaging and food safety,” which will prompt food manufacturers to better secure their products for the safety and benefit of the public.”

Finally, Mr.Berry added that unless improvements are made, food companies are “At risk.” Mr. Berry is making certain POV videos available to the food industry, adding, “The companies people need to take stronger measures in improving food packaging and food safety for the general public.”